Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Imagine that...

Yesterday, Natalie decided that her and Baby Natalie (her doll) were going to make me a chocolate-birthday cake (no, it's not my birthday). Here's her recipe:

- One small plastic cup filled with (imaginary) sunscreen
- Water from the faucet in her kitchen
- One purple pom-pom
- One white pom-pom
- One red ball-pit-ball
- One yellow ball-pit-ball

Put the first four ingredients on a blue plastic plate. Put the ball-pit-balls in a colander and a serving dish from her kitchen. Bake it in her dishwasher. Put it in the kitchen cabinet above her fridge to cool it down. Then top with green frosting (a green ball-pit-ball).

Let me tell you, it was very, very yummy!

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