Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Natalie

No, it's not Natalie's birthday! Here's the explanation:

Last weekend, we decided to give Natalie an extra special evening. We picked her up a little early from daycare and pretended that her doll - whom she calls Baby Natalie - had a birthday! We had a little birthday party complete with cake with a candle in it and birthday presents for Baby Natalie. Baby Natalie got a bag full of accessories, like baby bottles, pretend food jars, a sippy cut, and many other useful items.

One of the items was a foam duckie. Now, Natalie being who she is, doesn't connect foam duckies with bathtime as you might expect, but rather with artwork and foam painting. So Baby Natalie was going to do artwork. She got two other pieces of foam from the artbox to choose from, and all the baby bottles etc. had different colors so they became different colors of paint. And Baby Natalie even got to borrow Natalie's chair:

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Michelle said...

That's so fun! My kids still love having 'birthdays' for their stuffed animals & toys!