Friday, October 31, 2008

A real Jack-o-Lantern

Natalie and I made a real Jack-o-lantern last weekend. Look, Mom, that's a big pumpkin!

I was surprised that Natalie didn't really want to help take out all the seeds and fibers from the inside. Normally, she dives right into whichever project we have going on. But the "pumpkin-guts" must have been a little too scary-looking, because she kept a two-step distance thruout the removal process. But only two steps, after all a girl needs to be able to see what's going on! And she loved talking about it and seing the finished result:

Natalie told me all night "Big-one pumpkin light on!"

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your page and looking at your pictures. Natalie is so cute!! I think it is great that you do this, she will love to watch these videos when she gets older.
I work with Karsten, I check out your page everyday and it always makes me smile! Keep them coming!