Friday, October 17, 2008

Kiss it better

Natalie understands the concept of "kissing it better". If she gets hurt, she'll come to me and say "Mommy kiss it better". And it always works - the "ouwie" may not go away, but it always seems to get better.

She's also very generous with her kisses. In one of her books, there is a picture of a crying pig (a book of nursery rhymes with "this little piggie went wee-wee-wee"). She always says "pig crying" and gives it a kiss.

I find this soo sweet. I love her kindness and sweetness. But sometimes it is also a little bitter-sweet. Because I know there will come a day when I can't kiss it all better. Whether it be a broken fingernail, a broken toy, or a broken heart, there will be "ouwies" that hurt more than a kiss alone can handle. Still, I'm sure I'll always be willing to give it a try. And who knows, maybe it really does make things a little better, even if it can't cure it all...

And I hope that Natalie always will have that sweetness in her - that willingness to show kindness to others to make things better. After all, doesn't kindness always make others feel better, even if that's all you can give them?

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