Friday, July 4, 2008

A sense of fashion

Natalie is starting to want to choose her own outfits. She's often very creative in her choices. The other day, I had put her in a cute little pink princess outfit when I let her choose which shoes to wear to daycare. Without blinking, she choose her yellow rainboots - and she even put them on all by herself! Not exactly a match, but oh well, she was so proud.

Unfortunately, I didnt' catch a photo of her in that ensemble, but here's one where she's wearing the same boots with an outfit that's at least a bit more color-coordinated:Last weekend, she was playing around when it was getting close to lunch time. She went to the drawer where all the winter gear is stored and pulled out her winter hat. She wore it all thru lunch:
Cherios, matey!

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Michelle said...

What a fashion-forward supermodel!! Too cute!