Monday, July 28, 2008


I think someone should invent a new line of clothing, just for moms. It should be machine washable, and it should have "mommy-pockets". Let me explain...

Whenever Natalie and I go somewhere, it seems that I always end up carrying the following items in my pockets:
  • Extra crackers for an unexpected snack break
  • A small toy for waiting in line, etc.
  • A washcloth or burpcloth to wipe her hands and mouth (if needed, this item can hang from the pocket, thus saving valuable space)
  • A small cup for crackers
  • A more or less empty sippy-cup
  • The keys to the car (these can double as the small toy if pocket space is limited)
  • My cell phone (couldn't live without it)
  • Various items that Natalie really wants to play with but shouldn't, which imparts the need to "magically" make them go away

Now, the thing is, I've actually had all of these items in my pockets at the same time... This is what has come to be known as "Mommy-pockets" around our house. When Karsten asks if we need to bring anything, I'll just say "No, I've got Mommy-pockets today", and he knows we're all set.

So, I was wondering when anyone would come out with some great pants for moms (because skirts? Not practical when running after a toddler...) Then I realized they are already on the market - they are called Cargo pants!

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a good idea