Monday, April 7, 2008

You say potato...

On Thursday night, we were going grocery shopping. Karsten and Natalie had the following conversation in the car:

Karsten: Natalie, we are going to buy food for the next week. What do you think we should buy?
Natalie: Ahhppp.
Karsten: Okay, we'll buy some apples. What about some pasta?
Natalie: Dha!
Karsten: Sounds good. And how about some bread?
Natalie: PtsssA!
Karsten: What else should we buy?
Natalie: Phoh-tjea-poh-tjea-phoh-pjeah-po-Tjea.
Karsten: Okay, we'll remember the potatoes.

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Cate said...

Hi Karen,
Natalie is soooo adorable!! Thanks for the email you sent a little while back. I was in Turkey for a couple weeks so I got lazy with my blog. But now that I'm back I'm blogging again, and I have my Istanbul photos on Flickr, so stop by sometime! :)
Take care, Cate