Sunday, April 13, 2008

A new cart / At the park

We got a new little cart for Natalie. She seems to really like it. The first time we tried it, we went for a long walk outside. The cart has two seats. When we finally got back in and opened the seatbelt, Natalie got up - and went to sit down in the other seat in the cart with a look like "Okay, now I'm ready for the next walk!"

Last weekend, we took it with us to the park:

Eventually, Natalie wanted to get out and push the cart herself:

It turned out, she just wanted to be able to steer it so that we would get to the play area faster!

Daddy, push me! Again! Again!

Karsten would ask now and again if Natalie was ready to go back to the car, and whe would shake her head no very energetically. She sure likes the swings.

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