Saturday, March 29, 2008

What did you do on your day off?

Karsten and I had taken Thursday and Friday off. We had our own little "Mini-vacation". So what did we do on our day off? Well, we went to Fleetfarm, and then we took a long nap... Doesn't that sound romantic? Well, the truth is, it actually was really romantic. Natalie has been having some tough nights (she's doing better now, knock on wood), so we were pretty tired. And a day of doing nothing was just what we needed.

Of course, we did other things too. After we dropped Natalie off at daycare, we went out for breakfast. And Natalie was still on our mind while we were at Fleetfarm, which was probably why we bought her these cute little rainboots.

The forecast says it might rain tomorrow, so we'll probably go looking for puddles...

Anyway, we did go home and got some sleep. Then we picked Natalie up early, so that we could spend some time together before we went out that evening. We left her with a sitter, so we could go out for dinner and go to a show with the Blue Man Group - which was totally awesome, by the way.

So yes, we did spend our time off napping, and yes, we had a great time!

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Michelle said...

My dream vacation is going somewhere we can nap! Sleep! For hours & hours, uninterrupted! I'm jealous!