Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reading is the best.. especially with Mommy

Natalie has really taken to the books lately. She has no interest in her other toys, she just wants to read and sort the books all the time. She can spend half an hour just moving books off the shelf - look at them - and them put them back on the shelf.

A ritual that we have established is to read in the couch before it is bedtime.
It used to be 2-3 books, but now it is more like 20 - and in super-speed. Natalie is taking care of turning the pages, so you just have to keep up!!!

In addition, Natalie has started asking all the time "what is that ?".
At least that is how we interpret the pointing finger and "djiip"

What is that ??

Stop looking Daddy - we are reading important stuff here.

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