Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, Santa left Natalie a present. She didn't even notice it until she was all dressed and ready to go:

Present from Santa.
We spent the afternoon and evening with Aubriella and her family. We were privy to a very, very cool show. There were two very pretty dancers:
Hanging from the rafters.
Action shot!
Those smiles are contagious.
Natalie is acting out some of the song lyrics - "And I think to myself - what a wonderful world"
Ready to take a bow.
More fancy dance moves.
There were costume changes, too:
You can never have too much glitter and glamor.
Gotta love this one - lots of tassels and hair.
Those eyes look so happy.
We also had a guest appearance of a super cool breakdancer...
And another costume change:
I think this dress was chosen based on the silver, not based on the skeleton...
Taking a bow, and posing for the camera.


Anonymous said...

Sikke dog nogle søde prinsesser.

Anonymous said...

Der er godt nok fest og farver over disse to "fjante-tøser".
Man bliver i helt godt humør af at se på dem. Anni.