Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First of the first

Natalie's first day of school was on Tuesday, September 3rd (the day after Labor Day). Of course, the day started with a pretty breakfast table:

Butterflies on the napkin - hopefully not in the tummy...
Someone was a little too excited to do more than pretend-sleeping.
The obligatory first day of school picture...
- And the much more fun and silly one that is just sooo Natalie!
Speaking of silly -
- That's the end (pun intended).
 As usual, we waited outside of daycare so we could wave to Natalie on the school bus:
Waiting outside of daycare with her fellow students.
Walking to the school bus. The little girl in front of Natalie was new to the school and school bus thing. Natalie was asked to sit with her on the bus to help her out. Natalie was so proud to be a big girl!
Going on the bus.
 And then we waved to our newly minted First Grader!

On the way home I stopped to get a special cookie for Natalie. For some reason, they didn't have any first day of school cookies at the store, but when I asked they made this one especially for Natalie:
Happy First Day of School. 
Welcome to First Grade, Natalie!


Anonymous said...

Typisk dig Karen.
Gør alt der står i din magt for at glæde andre - især Jeres lille pige. Til hver en tid viser I hende
Jeres kærlighed og jeg bliver utrolig glad om hjertet.
Hun har verdens bedste Mor og Far.
Anni Danmark.

Anonymous said...

Sjove billeder af den lille spil-lop-mager. Fuld af numre.

Held og Lykke med det nye skoleår.

Anni - Danmark.