Thursday, November 8, 2012

Camping in the back yard

We had so much fun camping this year that we decided to do it again - in our back yard! Labor Day weekend was the perfect time for sleeping outside in the tents. But first, we had a lot of fun:

We had water balloons for the kids - a definite hit.
The pool was also lots of fun.
But you really can't go wrong with water balloons!
The girls went exploring. Best friends, off on their own adventure.
Brayden helped Karsten build a fire in the firepit.
The girls went digging for stones in a box with stones, sand, and water. They spent a lot of time on that!
The next morning, the kids were running around again, making us grown-ups tired just from looking at them...
The kids thought it was loads of fun to get Aubriella's Mom wet with water from the pool...
But I think she got her revenge!

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