Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Independence Day

We had a great Fourth of July!

Most of the day, it was to warm to be outside, so we found fun artwork and other things to do inside:
Decorating the flag cake. Blueberries for the blue part, then bananas and strawberries for the stripes.
Our friends came over to celebrate later in the day. When it finally cooled down enough to be outside, we sat around the fire for a while:
The kids, just hanging out.

Natalie and Aubriella - best friends.
Later, we moved up to the road to have a better surface for the fireworks. Most of our fireworks was the stuff that goes on the ground so the kids could see it. And of course, we could see a lot of fireworks on the horizon.
Hanging out on a blanket.
The guys lit all the fireworks for us. After struggling with the lighters for a while, Karsten came up with a better solution:
The blowtorch!

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