Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At the pumpkin patch

Natalie and I went to the pumpkin patch the other weekend. We had such a great time! 
Most of the games etc. there were the same as last year, which was great, since we enjoyed them last year also! Natalie definitely recognized:

The duckie races!

The corn maze.
The hay bale labyrinth. "I'm on top of the world!"

There were also the bean bag toss:
Look at the size of that cat!
And of course there were pumpkins:
Mommy! I got one!

And of course, there were pumpkins:
That's a big one.

We went on a "haunted" hayride, and Natalie got to pick out our pumpkins to bring home. And we brought a picnic lunch to have at the place, which was really nice. Afterwards, someone was a bit tired:


But we still had time and energy in the afternoon to make this:
Here's Jack!

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