Saturday, March 7, 2009

A dream come true

On Tuesday, Natalie and I took a day of vacation together. We spent the day at the local childrens museum.

While she was playing, I noticed this across the room:

"We all dream different".

It was left there with the fridge magnets by someone else. It really captured my attention.

"We all dream different".

One of my collegues just went on a wine-tasting trip to California. On the local radiostation, they are on a partying vacation somewhere in Mexico. "We all dream different".

Recently, I've been dreaming about having a special day with Natalie. A "Mommy and me" day. I hesitate to call it a perfect day, because I don't believe there ever really is such a thing. But a day where we would just enjoy being together.

The trip to the children's museum was all that I could have hoped for. We were there when they opened at 9 AM, and we played and explored until noon-ish. Then we went for lunch as Wendy's - a real treat for Natalie, she hasn't been to a fast food place before. She was so proud of being such a big girl, getting to eat big girl food with Mommy. After a short nap in the car we went back to the museum and explored until they closed (5 PM). It was great to see Natalie have so much fun. And she seemed so happy and proud that she got to have such a special day.

"We all dream different". Tuesday was my dream. It was a dream come true.


Don't worry, there will be plenty of pictures in upcoming posts - I came home with 89 new files on the camera...

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