Monday, January 19, 2009


I was looking thru some "old" pictures from November, when Natalie's Grandma came to visit for a few weeks. I had to post this one:
I guess some explanation would be in order:

I had some big googly-eyes laying on the table from an artproject. One night, Karsten took them and stuck them to his forehead. Natalie thought it was hilarious that Karsten was a "Daddy-Monster" with four eyes. She would take them off him and say "Daddy-Monster" all gone, then put them back on and say "Daddy-Monster". Of course, the Daddy-Monster was very good at tickling. Well, it evolved into playing with these stickers. And of course, Grandma got to be part of the game, too. So the above is a picture of the "Grandma-Monster"!

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