Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kiss that frog...?

Tonight, Natalie and I went for a walk after dinner. First, we watered our sunflowers (and Natalie only got a little bit wet):Then we went to look at our little pond. There was a big frog sitting on one of the stones. We probably spent close to half an hour looking at and talking about the frog. How it was green and brown. How it blinked it's eyes (and we had to try if we could do that too). How it was probably tired since it sat so still, and it looked like it was yawning. How it would say Ribbit-ribbit ("Bittit-bittit-bittit") if it felt like saying something. How it liked the water. And when we were finally ready to leave, we said "bye-bye froggie" and waved to it.

I did a lot of things today. I made technical drawings and decisions at work. I folded up laundry. I "cooked" (microwaved) dinner. But nothing was more important than that half hour I spent looking at a frog.

Isn't it amazing how having a child lets you re-discover the world in a whole new way? It's like seeing everything for the first time again!

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